Hi Everyone, Welcome to my website. I am LGX and you might know from my YouTube channel or my Facebook page. I am a 11 year old artist who lives in Sydney, Australia. I try to explore many different art styles such as realism, doodling and sculpting. I started my art journey in 2019 by adopting a art style called doodling. I got inspired from a few other artists on YouTube, Vexx, Gawx art, and Shrimpy. As they had their own styles of doodling I got inspired to create mine too. Later in my journey I have seen a couple of them try realism and do very well so I got some color pencils and tried it out. I turned out to be pretty good now in realism and doodling. After a few months of watching YouTube video of talented artist, I came across Stephanie Kilgast. She creates sculptor and paintings that focuses on created awareness on how humans are destroying the earth. She uses trash to create amazing pieces of art and that is how I got introduced to sculpting. I do similar sculptures as Stephanie but they are different in their own way like all my other arts. I will continue to try other styles and keep surprising you. Please visit my YouTube channel and  Facebook page, to catch up on the latest.

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Art Journey

As I started my artistic journey I have came through many struggles on when my art was not so good or what ever I tried didn't look right. I have overcomed many of those problems and is certain that their will be more difficulties in my journey. As I said that there were many difficulties in my art journey but there were many good moments when I completed my first realistic artwork or my first sculpture. Instead of focusing on the difficulties in your art journey, keep trying and focus on the good moments.